How It Works

Step 1


Reserve your date to save your special flowers. By paying a £100 deposit and booking your date, you can make sure we have space to save your beautiful flowers.

We take on limited numbers of bookings each month, so booking in advance is recommended.

Book below, email , or contact us for more information about booking your space!

Step 2


Send us your special flowers in the post, or drop them off to us within 1-3 days after your wedding or memorial event. We’ll confirm the frame and backdrop you’d like, and set aside your flowers to dry, ready to be preserved forever.

We’ll keep you updated monthly,  Once dry, your flowers will be lovingly restored

Step 3


Your beautiful flowers will be set in resin art  frames and will be saved for you to keep forever. Pass down your treasured piece of art to your loved ones, and admire them for years to come. For more information, please visit our FAQ page, or contact us to enquire about your flowers.