Terms & Conditions

By sending/bringing your Flowers into our studios you are automatically bound to our Terms and Conditions for flower preservation as stated.

  1. By sending flowers to forevermore florals, the client is automatically bound to the terms and conditions stated below. On receipt of the flowers, the client, therefore, has given consent to allow forevermore florals to create a floral preservation order using forevermore florals’ expert knowledge and discretion based on the flowers provided. It is at the designer’s discretion as to which flowers and foliage they deem most suitable for the client’s bouquet preservation decision.
  2. The client is the name of the person who has submitted the order. This cannot be changed by forevermore florals.
  3. Due to GDPR forevermore florals team will not advise any detail on any order without a confirmation of the client’s full name and address.
  4. Each order is customized to suit the client. The client has therefore given us permission to complete this work on the client’s behalf. By doing this you also consent that the design of your order is at the preservation team’s discretion. Trust the experts. 
  5. A deposit payment is required to secure the clients flowers space following the clients event date if you are not paying in full, without this payment the clients order with forevermore florals is not guaranteed and therefore can be cancelled at any time. 
  6. All flowers that accepted into forevermore florals become the property of  forevermore florals until all fees applicable are paid. 
  7. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the flowers reach forevermore florals in the best condition. Forevermore florals cannot take responsibility for this. It is recommended that the client use Royal Mail Special Next Day service by 1pm. 
  8. Forevermore florals advise the client to send their flowers to Forevermore florals no later than 7 days after the event. If forevermore florals receive flowers later than this, forevermore florals cannot guarantee the results will be the same as advertised. Forevermore florals will however advise the client of this if this should occur. 
  9. Forevermore florals pride themselves in the knowledge that they will preserve all flowers to the best of their abilities, but forevermore florals cannot take responsibility for any results due to the flowers not being 100% excellent quality upon arrival to forevermore florals studios. For example. Damaged, rotten, bruised, wilted or discoloured flowers.  mages are taken on receipt of the client’s flowers to forevermore florals studios. The client can request to view these at any time. In this instance following receipt of any of these
    instances one of the team at forevermore florals will contact the client directly.
  10. If forevermore florals are re-creating the client’s floral arrangement based on images. A charge for any additional flowers will apply. The client will be notified of this at the time of ordering or shortly after. 
  11. By sending images to forevermore florals, the client gives consent for forevermore florals to use these in their social and advertising campaigns.
  12. All orders are created bespoke for the client. Forevermore florals guarantees that only the clients flowers are used within the clients’ order. There is an exception to this, and this will only occur if the clients flower/s have arrived as stated in point 9. If flowers need to be replaced based on point 9 the client will be notified and consulted. The client can rovide these or forevermore florals can source these at an additional cost. In this instance the client will be notified at that time. 
  13. Some flowers may change slightly during the preservation process and some colour changes may occur through the moisture extraction process flowers can turn darker or lighter shades. This is a guide but not guaranteed.
    o Red – turns a darker red/burgundy.
    o Cream – turns a darker Cream/beige.
    o Pink – turns a darker shade or lighter dependant on
    the varieties.
    o Peach/coral – this tends to turn more pinker shades
    (no matter what process is used to preserve the
    o White/cream – can turn very slightly transparent.
    o Red/Burgundy – can turn lighter.
    o Pink/Peach – can turn lighter.
    o Pale peach can turn yellowy/cream.
    o Please note this list is not exhaustive. If you are
    unsure or need more information, please check with
    one of the team prior to sending your flowers in. You
    can also see images of our frames on our socials
    which may show similar flower varieties for
    14. Forevermore florals frames are heavy and should be handled with care.
    15. Any memorabilia/flowers or personal items placed into the client’s order
    cannot be removed once cast. If personal items change we cannot accept
    any responsibility for this, this is beyond our control with the materials used.
    16. Following receipt of the clients’ flowers to forevermore florals, any
    packaging sent to forevermore florals will be recycled if possible.
    Forevermore florals cannot return any items.
    17. Colours of our frames will vary greatly, photos on our website and social
    platforms are of ‘other clients’ orders and therefore will not look like another
    clients. All images are provided for reference only.
    18. All images used on forevermore florals are forevermore florals property.
    Forevermore florals does not give permission for these to be used
    19. The preservation of the frames incorporates several different processes of
    preservation. For some plant materials and although every effort is made to
    make these perfect, small, and fragile foliage may become loose in the
    frame and there may be small air bubbles in areas of the resin. These are
    not classed as defects or faults.
    20. Fibres and other miniscule objects can sometimes become trapped within
    flowers, whilst every effort is made to remove them this is not always
    possible therefore these may be visible in the clients completed order. This
    will not be classed a defect or fault.
    21. Forevermore florals cannot guarantee the final product and therefore all
    encapsulations are created are at the risk of the client.
    22. Any flowers not used in the client’s initial order are discarded within eight
    weeks following receipt to forevermore florals studios. In some instances,
    these may be kept however this is at forevermore florals discretion.
    23. All deposit payments are non-refundable.
    24. Following confirmation of the client’s order, the client is committed to
    following the order through to its conclusion. If for any reason, the client
    decides not to proceed with the order, the client will still be liable for the full
    outstanding amount. We will endeavour to contact you prior to this date to
    notify you providing a final reminder.
    25. The final balance of the client’s order will be due within 60 days from the
    event date/date the flowers were received at our studios, however earlier if
    the order is ready to be dispatched. Failure to make payment prior to this
    date may result in the automatic cancellation of the client’s order.
    26. Following confirmation of your order, forevermore florals cannot reduce the
    clients order i.e., if the client orders a medium frame, this cannot be
    reduced to a small frame. Forevermore florals can only size up your order (if
    there are enough flowers to do so).
    27. If forevermore florals cannot place the clients order into the ordered size
    frame, they will only ever size up a larger size, never down. The client will not
    always be advised of this prior but we will not add any additional charges if
    this is our choice.
    28. Forevermore florals cannot accept responsibility for poor results due to the
    flower preservation process.
    29. Forevermore florals may agree on a case by case basis to remake an order
    if there are sufficient flowers to do so. This may be at an additional cost to
    the client or forevermore florals may agree to waive this charge. In the
    unlikely event this is agreed by a member of the team the original order
    must be returned in its original condition and packaging. Failure to comply
    with this will result in no further action and this offer being withdrawn.
    30. Forevermore florals cannot be responsible for any damaged caused after
    the product has left the premises.
    31. Trading standards states that in the case of genuinely custom items, the
    only circumstance under which a customer is entitles to a refund is if you
    have made something which is defective.
    32. If the client wishes to change their address we must be informed
    immediately. We cannot be responsible if an item has been sent to the
    address on the booking form.
    33. In the event an order is sent to the incorrect address based on the details
    on the client’s account. It will be the responsibility of the client to update
    these details. It is also the client’s responsibility to cover the additional
    return postage costs for the redelivery of the client’s order to the correct
    34. Forevermore florals can withdraw, refuse or cancel any orders at any time.
    35. Due to the demand and expertise of Forevermore florals’ work a
    guaranteed delivery date cannot be provided within the first 20 weeks of
    preservation, however an estimated timescale can be provided around 16
    weeks on request. Each flower head is totally different and unique. The
    preservation process cannot be rushed. Each flower head must be 100% dry
    and free of moisture prior to starting their preservation journey.
    36. If the client is not satisfied with their completed order following return
    delivery unless there is a defect forevermore florals will not take any action
    and a return will not be accepted. If the client is not satisfied due to
    items/flowers not being included or additional flowers being included this is
    not classed as a defect.
    37. In the event the clients order is not received as expected forevermore florals
    will contact the courier and investigate. Forevermore florals will provide a
    tracking number if available if the client wishes to track their order. This is
    not always possible depending on the courier being used. The return
    delivery of the client’s order is out of the control of forevermore florals once
    it has left forevermore florals studios, however the team will do their best to
    resolve any issues & ensure the client received the order as soon as
    possible. Any compensation paid by the courier will be paid to Forevermore
    florals directly.
    38. In the event a fulfilled order has been damaged during its journey back to
    the client, forevermore florals must be formally notified in writing within 1
    day upon receipt. Forevermore florals will then arrange for the order to be
    collected from the respective delivery address and a new order will be
    made (where possible) within an appropriate timescale. This will be
    discussed on a case-by-case basis. In the unlikely event of this
    forevermore florals will rectify any damage within their capabilities.
    39. In the unlikely event a client’s order is lost during its return journey to the
    client, forevermore florals will endeavour to replace the lost order using the
    remaining flowers which are held in our holding chambers and the claim
    will be pursued between forevermore florals and the respective courier. In
    this unlikely event, if no flowers remain from the clients order forevermore
    florals will contact the client to discuss the next action. Claims can take up
    to six months to resolve. This is out of forevermore florals control and
    forevermore florals cannot take any responsibility for this.
    40. In the unlikely event of an incorrect order being issued to a client,
    forevermore florals will require the return of the ‘incorrect order’ in its
    original packaging within 7 days of receipt.
    41. Following on from the point above – If an incorrect order has been received
    by the client, forevermore florals will endeavour to correct the error by using
    the remaining flowers which are stored in the Holding Chambers to
    recreate the correct order. Alternatively, if this was an order mix-up
    forevermore florals will wait for both orders to be returned, following this
    these will be resent to the client at no additional charge. All postage
    charges to return the clients orders will be reimbursed to the client/s.
    Forevermore florals endeavour to rectify any issues within 14 working days.
    42. Terms and Conditions for flower preservation are subject to change without
    prior notice.
    43. This does not affect your statutory rights