Once I’ve received your flowers, we set them aside to dry for 6-8 weeks depending on the type of flower. Once your flowers are dry, they go into a waiting list for an available mould, and then the resin process can start. We are not currently giving out completion dates as it’s too difficult to tell when an order will be finished, and we don’t want to confuse people by saying a date and it not being ready by then! As a guide, the full process takes roughly 2-3 months to complete due to the preservation time and the number of orders we receive, with larger pieces or orders with multiple items taking longer than smaller pieces. We can’t give an estimated date of completion as every order is unique.

We accept flowers in the post or dropped off in person. At this point in time We do not offer collection unless you’re within 30 minutes of our location. If you choose to post your flowers, We will send you a detailed guide to package them and post them safely once you have paid your deposit.

Ideally bookings should be made roughly 6 months in advance. This ensures that there is space for us to preserve your flowers as we only take on a limited number of bookings each week. Please get in touch if you have left it late, as we may be able to fit you in depending on the date.

You’ll pay a £100 non-refundable deposit to book in your date, and then the final invoice will be due when we receive your flowers.

Your flowers will go through a huge process, and more likely than not, they’re not going to look exactly the same as they were when fresh. They’re fully dried out during this process, and in most flowers this causes changes in colour and shape as the water leaves the petals. Bruises appear on the petals caused by fingers touching them and this makes the flowers sometimes have translucent spots when dry. When being encased in resin, the flowers can change colour and shape again! Resin is like a thick honey consistency before curing, and so it can move the petals around when poured around them. Flowers can also darken slightly during the curing process. All this to say, it’s really important to have realistic expectations for your flower preservation pieces! While we would like to believe we have a certain level of skill, and we use the best materials and equipment available, flowers are natural and changeable. What we can guarantee is you will have a bespoke piece of art that will last forever. 

This depends the pieces you’ve chosen. For the larger  pieces, we use more flowers than the smaller pieces. we won’t be able to send you any left over flowers, so if there are specific flowers you’d like preserving please let us know so that they’re included in your final piece.

You can cancel your order before we receive your flowers, however the £100 deposit is non-refundable.

If you’ve sent us your flowers but I haven’t started the resin process, I will accept cancellations and can send the dried flowers back to you, although a percentage of the total cost will be withheld to cover drying and shipping costs.

Once the resin process has started, we cannot accept cancellations.

For preservation orders, we don’t accept returns or refunds, unless there is visible and qualifying damage to the piece when you receive it. Please see my full returns policy for more detail.

Please note, a change in the flower colour or shape do not qualify as damage and should be expected.

Important Notes

Please note that Forevermore Florals is run by a small team of artists which means there can be delays in the busiest seasons. Every piece is completely unique, and may take longer than expected, which is why we can’t give out expected completion dates. Please don’t expect to have your piece back by a specific deadline.


All of our preservation pieces are made by hand, and there may be small irregularities in the final piece, such as bubbles, uneven edges, changes in the flower shapes and colours. This is sometimes unavoidable and will not take away from the beauty of your piece. Don’t worry – we will never send out a piece that isn’t as close to perfect as it can be!